Production progress video log (CG Production Vlog) for my personal project: DeadFuse, a sci-fi space horror animation web series. This is a short Animated SciFi WebSeries Teaser to start building a bit of hype. What is thing about anyway? Dead Fuse is a sci-fi horror series that follows a group of unlikely allies to uncover an unimaginable truth about the existence of life. I wrote the script many years ago and I am eager to turn this story into something watchable. I am enjoying the process immensely and would love to hear your feedback, constructive criticism and any ideas you want to share along the way that would improve it. It is inspired by some of the greatest things ever created in my opinion; Aliens, Red Dwarf, Dead Space and Astartes - so if you enjoyed any of those aforementioned gems, there is a good chance you will find some enjoyment from Dead Fuse... eventually! Thanks for watching, I look forward to your input.