What is the UAC Rig?

Car Chassis 3D Model Rig Resizing

The Ultimate Adjustable Car Rig is a professional grade, production ready vehicle tool for Autodesk Maya. As well as its unique resizing capability, it boasts a fantastic built in path system, light weight dynamic suspension, in depth steering geometry tuning, tire pressure interaction and a full working chassis model. Users are easily able to resize this rig to fully connect to any 4-10 wheeled 3D model in a matter of minutes to achieve stellar animation results without any headaches.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export FBX animations to Unreal or Unity?

Yes, the control rig in Maya is used to generate skeletal animations that can easily be exported as an fbx or alembic cache for use in software such as Unreal or Unity. These links will show you how easy it is to do this:

Exporting Skeletal Mesh from Maya
Importing Skeletal Mesh to Unreal
Baking Animation
Exporting Animations from Maya
Importing Animations to Unreal

Can I rig vehicles with more than 4 wheels?

Yes, the full version supports 4, 6, 8 or 10 wheeled vehicles. This video shows an example of this:

Rigging a 6 wheeled truck

Can I rig vehicles with different sized front and rear wheels?

Yes, you are able to easily resize all wheels. This video shows an example of this:

Rigging different sized wheels

What version of Maya does the UAC Rig work in?

The UAC Rig works in all versions of Maya.

How often are product updates and how do I receive them?

This product is maintained regularly and a finalized update is generally released every month along with video describing the changes in detail. When an update is available, an automated email will let you know and provide a link to the latest version. You can also subscribe to my website or youtube channel and you will be informed that way as well.

Are product updates free?

Yes, all updates are free.

How does the Lite version differ from the full version?

  • Tire deformations are not supported.
  • Detailed Chassis model is not included.
  • Works with 4 wheeled vehicles only.