I can help you make your project scream "Awesome"




Josh Sturgis

Senior Art Director - Liquid Development

Simon is an extremely talented, proactive, and collaborative artist that I have proudly worked with for over a decade. His expertise, organization, communication, and standards for his work are second to none, and I can always depend on him for hitting the level of quality we need within the timeline/budget we have. On many projects Simon’s work has been used as the quality bar for us to follow, allowing us to set up an efficient workflow/pipeline for easier iteration. I cannot say enough for Simon as an artist and partner in production, and I look forward to the opportunity for continued collaboration!

Ken Lai

CEO - Brandoville Studio/Academy

Simon is an extraordinary talent. His ability to consistently find smart, cost-efficient solutions is truly impressive. Whether faced with challenges or opportunities, Simon's approach is marked by speed and unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality results. His talent is not just in achieving goals, but in doing so with finesse and intelligence. Working alongside him has been an enriching experience, as his skills elevate any project to new heights. Simon is undoubtedly an asset to any team, embodying a perfect blend of efficiency and excellence.

David Kuo

Director - Wolfpack Digital

I have worked with Simon for many years now and a highly recommend him. His seamless blend of technical expertise and artistic vision consistently produces outstanding results. He excels in meeting tight deadlines, is a collaborative team player, and brings invaluable insight to every project we have worked on together. I look forward to working with him again soon.