First production progress video log (CG Production Vlog) for my personal project: DeadFuse, a sci-fi space horror animation web series. I quickly run through the first stages of creating the main 3d sci-fi space environment for the first mockup for the animated space horror, DeadFuse. I use an environment kit-bash 3d modeling method in Maya mixed with some automated texturing in Substance Painter to quickly flesh out a 3d space interior that will work well for the needs of the animated web series.

scifi environment wip08

A nice shot of the environment with all the Marmoset bells and whistles turned on.

scifi environment wip07

The geometry has been reworked but I still have the same basic, clean texture tiles that I will need to update.

early shot test

I added my soldier and upped the render quality to enjoy a moment of awe. Far from my goal, but these moments keep the fires burning.

blood decal test02

Another blood splatter test. Even in focus and very close to camera it holds up.

blood decal test01

A fresh wet floor blood test. Not bad at all.

blood print test02

Even on glass these decal tests were still looking amazing. Marmoset, I love you.

blood print test01

Blood decals were handled so well in Marmoset. I was pretty impressed with the result I could achieve in such a short time.

scifi environment wip06

Playing with some colors and messing with the floor textures.

scifi environment wip05

Added some stripes and numbers. This was just cut-out, floating geometry for now.

scifi environment wip03

Creepy spot light test. Passed with flying colors.

scifi environment wip04

Updated the geometry with more detail and had some fun with emissive glow.

scifi environment wip02

The global illumination in Marmoset is so nice. It even Makes this simple mesh with a tiled texture look interesting.

scifi environment wip01

Marmoset seems like a good place to play so I tested extremely simple geometry with tiled textures to get my feet wet.