Production progress video log (CG Production Vlog) for my personal project: DeadFuse, a sci-fi space horror animation web series. After taking a few weeks off to pay for a massive GPU upgrade( 2x Nvidia 1080Ti's), I added ambient motion elements such as hanging pipes and hazard tape to the scene along with some blood and grime to really set the mood. I had a fantastic time with my kids creating alpha maps for the blood smear textures; they turned out exceptionally well!

biohazard tape

Added some simple cloth simulated biohazard tape. Pretty effective.

trike prop

Created a simple trike model in an attempt to make the environment feel more residential.

blood decal test

Created lots of blood decals using white finger paints and black cardboard. Here is a quick alpha stacking test.

This product is now available here:

Blood Smear Texture Kit