Polydust is animated 3D geometry used to create a cinematic atmosphere in any 3D scene. It is a great alternative to compositing 2D dust plate effects in post and allows you to put the physical 3d dust mesh into your scene with a true sense of depth. Simply import Polydust into your desired 3D package and apply any material from any renderer to the single polymesh object. This asset is guaranteed to work in any modern software that supports FBX or Alembic.



  • 1800 Frames @ 60fps (30 seconds) of ultra smooth animation
  • Alembic cache files captured every ½ frame.
  • Alembic files include 5, 10, 20 & 30 sec versions for convenience.
  • The animation does not loop.
  • FBX file contains clean mesh driven by 1834 animated joints and a root joint.
  • Each joint is named consistently and contains 2 linear animation keys.



  • Dimensions: approx 3x3 meter cube
  • 1 single polymesh object consisting of 1834 individual solid simple shapes
  • Mesh is composed of Quads & Triangles.
  • Standard UV layout.
  • 8670 Faces
  • 9504 Verts
  • 11520 tris


Included Files

Name Description Size
PolyDust_30x60fps.abc 30 seconds @ 60fps Alembic Cache File (0.5 Step) 794,976 kb
PolyDust_20x60fps.abc 20 seconds @ 60fps Alembic Cache File (0.5 Step) 530,301 kb
PolyDust_10x60fps.abc 10 seconds @ 60fps Alembic Cache File (0.5 Step) 265,629 kb
PolyDust_5x60fps.abc 5 seconds @ 60fps Alembic Cache File (0.5 Step) 133,297 kb
PolyDust_30x60fps.fbx 30 seconds @ 60fps Joint based animation (2 keys per joint) 11,236 kb

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