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Ultimate Adjustable Car Rig - Lite

The Ultimate Adjustable Car Rig is a professional grade, production ready vehicle rig for Autodesk Maya. As well as its unique resizing capability, it boasts a fantastic built in path system, light weight dynamic suspension and in depth steering geometry tuning. Users are easily able to resize this rig to fully connect to any 4 wheeled 3D model in a matter of minutes to achieve stellar animation results without any headaches.

How does the Lite version differ from the full version?

  • Tire deformations are not supported.
  • Detailed Chassis model is not included.
  • Works with 4 wheeled vehicles only.

Personal and Commercial License (Hobbyist & Freelancer) granted on purchase for an individual.

*Please contact me directly for Commercial Studio Licensing.

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* Please contact me directly for Commercial Studio Licensing.

Personal and Commercial License (Hobbyist & Freelancer) granted on purchase for an individual.

This allows:

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  • Unlimited use in any personal 2D or 3D project.
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This does NOT in any cases permitted:

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