UAC Rig - Update 2.6

This video explains the updates to the UAC Rig in the 2.6 version put out on 1st April 2021.
The main focus is the amount of wheels you can now load with the rig: 6, 8 or 10.

[ v2.6 ] - 3/29/2021
1) WheelCount Dropdown added to Ui. This will allow you to load a non-chassis rig with up to 10 wheels.
2) ISOLATE button added to Ui. This will allow you to quickly isolate control and mesh selections during the connection process.
3) Added Parent geometry option button on constraint and skin methods. Turn this button off to stop the geometry being parented to the rig if desired. It is on by default.
4) Performance boost: The connection load time when using the parent and constraint methods are now significantly faster
5) Added Progress bar to skin method.
6) Bug fix: Parent and constrain methods now allow you to select every wheel or tire at once and the tool will connect them to the correct control with a single button push.
7) Bug fix: When parent and constraint methods are use to connect a group of mesh, the tool now connects the group and not all items in the group.
8) Bug fix: If mesh was referenced to the scene, the tool would fail to connect it, this is now fixed.
9) Bug fix: Referenced rigs with custom paths attached would lose their connection on reloading the scene, this is now fixed by simply reloading the UI or hitting the active rig button.

Check out my blog for more details on the UAC Rig.

UAC Rig (Full)

UAC Rig (Lite)